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Modern Business Analytics: Anchored in Aristotle

Rooted in the wisdom of classical Greek philosophers over 2,300 years ago, Ilion brings you a leading-edge approach to modern business analytics. We combine technical expertise, deep experience and advanced technologies to release the true potential of your data.


​Derived from the Greek analutikos, whose stem, αναλύειν (analȳein), means: 

"to unloose, release, set free, divide, cut apart."

Analytics (2023) | Online Etymology Dictionary


The process of breaking a concept down into more simple parts so that its logical structure is displayed.

Logic (1996) | The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy

The contemporary future-focused fusion of timeless Greek concepts such as thesis, hypothesis, synthesis, and syllogism with pioneering advancements in technology, computer programming, machine learning, and data visualization forms the foundation of our data analytics practice. With the art of mathematics, statistics, and philosophical science, the likes of Boole and Hegel, woven into our processes, we are continually strengthening, expanding and evolving our analytical capabilities.


Infographic illustrating the symbiotic relationship between analysis and synthesis as it relates to business insight

We are driven by the belief that data analytics is integral and critical to effective decision-making. By excavating deep mountains of data, we uncover trends and exceptions that possess the power to shape your business strategy. Our approach pushes beyond only providing insights; we also employ dynamically designed predictive models to inform crucial business decisions.


It has been hinted by Gartner that the traditional production triangle should be expanded into a four-cornered shape so that Data or Analytics can be added to People, Process and Technology. We embrace the significance of this shift and the pivotal role data plays in today's business landscape.


Amidst the extensive knowledge available on the analytical process, one critical aspect often goes unnoticed – the importance of synthesis. While numerous online resources align with a variety of perspectives on this, the significance of Hegel's dialectic, particularly synthesis, tends to be neglected. Aristotle pointed to the importance of synthesis in relationship to analysis, though the term was only officially introduced by Johann Gottlieb Fichte in the 18th century.

"Sometimes too it happens as with diagrams; for there we can sometimes analyze the figure, but not construct it again: so too in refutations, though we know on what the connection of the argument depends, we still are at a loss to split the argument apart."



Synthesis and Analysis Go Hand-in-Hand

Analysis alone is insufficient without synthesis.


While analysis dissects facts and concepts into smaller parts, synthesis reconstructs these fragmented elements into a cohesive whole. In a business context, this means distilling the outcomes of analysis into a unified business idea.

Synthesis and analysis are inseparable partners in our approach. Synthesis acts as a catalyst for analysis, while analysis feeds into the process of synthesis. Aristotle's words further highlight this synergy:


"Having set the end, they consider how and by what means it is to be attained; and if it seems to be produced by several means, they consider by which it is most easily and best produced until they come to the first cause, which in the order of discovery is last."




At Ilion, we are powered by the value of synthesis.


We believe that a comprehensive understanding of your business, its environment, and its performance drivers is essential to deliver meaningful results. By posing the most relevant questions, comprehending the underlying data, and interpreting the analysis effectively, we ensure our findings make sense and provide actionable insights for your business.

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The Importance of Business Insight

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