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Establishing the Data Foundation

Great strides have been made in the world of big data technologies over the past decade. Cloud infrastructure, along with new storage paradigms like graph databases and message buses, has provided a new dimension to the arsenal of tools available to tackle the deluge of data the world is facing.

A “modern” data warehouse architecture that combines SQL as well as NO-SQL te
chnologies is a preferred way to store and enrich enterprise data where “small data” is seen as the latest fad, placing the focus back on quality rather than quantity.

Our view is that a well-structured data warehouse -
 with SQL at its core - still provides a level of technological maturity that is lacking in these new-world tech solutions that remain relevant to financial service providers.  

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The following high-level stages are generally prescribed when implementing a data warehouse that will provide a return on investment for the business:

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Modern Data Warehousing
and Business Intelligence

Master Data Management

Agile Development and
Data DevOps

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