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Case Study: The Digital Transformation of a European Bank with an Innovative Data Solution

A case study about how Ilion collaborated with a European Bank in a digital transformation using a data management and data analytics solution

Within the fluid, fluctuating financial services space, the pivotal pillars of operational efficiency and strategic decision-making find their foundations in the adept management and meticulous analysis of data. ​


The Dutch Banking Group commenced its collaboration with Ilion in seeking a solution to the critical challenge they were facing, providing an opportunity where we could utilise our specialised capabilities in banking and financial analytics. ​ Our role was not only to facilitate their transition but to transform their data management capabilities, enabling them to make more informed strategic decisions and enhance their operational efficiency. ​

The Banking Group faced a significant challenge which included the transfer of its entire Mortgage Portfolio and Valuation process from one internal branch to another. ​

This transition was both a logistical and technical challenge as it involved the integration and effective management of the Mortgage Portfolio Analysis application which was hosted within the internal branch’s AWS environment. ​ The complexity of this task required a nuanced understanding of data systems and an ability to manage large-scale data migrations effectively. ​


The solution was tailored to handle mortgage data received from various Dutch, French, and Belgian banks, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in data processing. ​

The core of our solution was an ETL process that utilised AWS Step Functions. ​ The process was orchestrated to manage and transform large volumes of mortgage data through a series of AWS Lambda functions. ​ Upon being processed through these Lambdas, the data was staged in Amazon Athena. ​This step was crucial for ensuring that the data was accurately normalised before being loaded into an SQL database.

The use of AWS technologies not only streamlined the data management process but also ensured scalability and flexibility in handling data from multiple European banks. ​


Post-migration, our team focused on developing comprehensive Power BI reports. ​​ These reports were designed to provide deep insights for Pricing and Valuation specialists, as well as auditors. ​

The reports offered a clear, detailed view of the mortgage portfolios, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions based on real-time data. ​ This aspect of the solution significantly enhanced the Banking Group’s decision-making capabilities.

Our team added further value to the Group's operational processes by introducing Microsoft Power Platform. ​ This integration facilitated the automation of their change management process and resource planning. ​ Tools like Microsoft Approvals, Power Apps, and Planner were implemented, revolutionising the way internal workflows and resources are allocated. ​


The successful implementation of this solution marked a significant milestone in the Banking Group’s digital transformation journey. ​

The advanced ETL process, combined with the strategic use of Power BI reports and Power Platforms, not only solved the immediate challenges faced by the banking group but also laid the foundation for a more data-centric and efficient operational model. ​

This case study shows how the power of innovative data solutions can transform banks' operations and sets a new standard in the industry for data management and data analytics. ​


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