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Power BI Automated Reporting Improved Bank's Treasury Risk Analysis

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

In the rapid race that is the financial services sector, timely and accurate reporting is what makes (or breaks) successful decision-making and risk management. Pan-African Bank, a leading financial services provider in Corporate Investment Banking (CIB) and Treasury Risk, recognized the need to automate their reporting process and gain valuable insights into their investment portfolio.

This case study explores how Pan-African Bank used Power BI to automate their reporting process and gain actionable insights into their investment portfolio.

Operating throughout the African continent, Pan-African Bank is known for its exceptional treasury risk management practices. Their dependence, however, on manual Excel-based reporting processes resulted in time-consuming, error-riddled inefficiency.

Why choose Power BI for automated reporting?

The choice of Power BI as their new reporting tool was based on a number of factors, including the availability of Power BI as part of their existing corporate licensing agreement, as well as the tool's versatile range of features and capabilities. Of particular interest was the What-If Analysis feature, which enables prediction on their profitability of the impact of macro-economic factors.

This feature became instrumental in informing their investment strategy and decision-making process.

How Pan-African Bank used Power BI

Pan-African Bank collaborated with a team of Power BI experts to develop a customized reporting dashboard tailored to their specific requirements.

Power BI's capabilities enabled automation of the Bank's Excel-based reporting process, and simultaneously - and seamlessly - transitioned it to their IT production environment. The integration of the What-If Analysis feature into their reporting dashboard provided the Bank with the ability to predict the impact of market fluctuations on their investment portfolio. Armed with these insights, Pan-African Bank was able to make proactive data-informed decisions about their portfolio, leading to improved investment outcomes.

Power BI's success points

1. Automated Reporting = Time Saved + Errors Eliminated

The automation resulted in the elimination of time-consuming manual efforts and reduced the risk of errors commonly associated with Excel-based reporting.

2. Important Insights = Identification of Risks + Opportunities

Power BI's potent data analytics capabilities gave Pan-African Bank important insights into their investment portfolio which them with a comprehensive view of market trends and helped identify potential risks and opportunities.

3. What-If = What's Next!

The integration of Power BI's What-If Analysis feature enabled Pan-African Bank to predict the impact of macro-economic factors on their profitability. This predictive capability played a critical role in their investment strategy, enabling them to make the most informed decisions and advancing their portfolio performance.


The new approach not only streamlined their reporting process but also provided a firm foundation for data-driven decision-making to optimize investment outcomes.

Ready to streamline your reporting process?

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